This project was made as my 2 semester final project @ Howest

This backpack makes sure you’re always visible during night. The leds light up when the backpack detects it’s on your shoulders AND it’s dark. You don’t have to worry about turning your bike light on or off, you don’t even have to worry about a bike light at all. With this backpack you can commute seamlessly during night and during daytime. When the backpack detects that there’s enough light it will turn itself off.

There’s also a GPS tracking feature. You explored your city and found a new jogging path? You can save the route without trouble! Just go to the website and click save route. It all happens automatically! The next week you can just look at the route without trouble.

Your keys are in your backpack and you can’t find them in the dark? You don’t have to worry about those kind of situation with the Smartpack! There are led’s inside your backpack that light up when you open it and turn off when you close it!

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