I was born in Poland. I moved to Belgium when I was 10 years old. I went to VTI Bruges high school to study multimedia. Then I’ve chosen to go to Howest, Media and Communications Technology (MCT) to study software development and new IoT technologies. Besides my school life, I’m an amateur photographer, I like to read and play some video games.

Polish is my first language, I also do speak perfectly Dutch. I’m very good at English, and I also learned French at school but I’m not so great at it.

As you probably read above, I’ve studied multimedia during high school. There I’ve mostly learned about web design, digital publications, making illustrations, drawing and design in general. But then I figured pure design isn’t really for me… I wanted to make a real website that could actually do things, not only look good. So I went to Howest where I fell in love with software development for more information about what we do at Howest you can visit my Skills page or the MCT webiste

I love traveling (I know its clich√©) and during my travels I love to take photo’s of exceptional nature and architecture. I also used to read a lot but, nowadays I read a lot less than I’d like to.